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Luxury Properties Specialist - Nantucket Office
17 Main St, Nantucket, MA 02554

Email: Melanie.Gowen@raveis.com | Cell: 202.365.0240

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Property designer and real estate agent with expertise in interior design/architecture, branding and marketing, real estate investment and speculative real estate design strategy. Melanie excels at creating highly individualized properties - built environments and lifestyle experiences - that enhance the life of her clients and prospective consumers.

Melanie's passion for blending design and business yields cohesive experiences and extraordinary environments in support of a wide variety of individual lifestyles. It requires thinking both imaginatively and strategically about how to design sustainably, keeping in mind the impact that design decisions have on the environment, in business, and for the people who inhabit the settings we create.

Melanie graduated from the National Cathedral School in Washington, DC and from Cornell University with a BS in Interior Design and Business Strategy. In Italy, she studied International Marketing and became Wine Spectator certified.

Prior to moving to Nantucket, Melanie worked in Washington, DC in financial regulatory consulting, where she gained experience and expertise in investment management and mortgage banking.


"Our design experience with Melanie was so wonderful that when it came time to select an agent to list our properties with, Melanie was in the final list. We have worked with several other great agents on Nantucket and there were 2 other serious contenders...We felt so comfortable in working with her that we opted to list our properties with Melanie and that was another great decision that we made.

The 2 significant events are that we sold our 2 spec houses (to the same buyer) the first week that they were listed, which definitely speaks to the quality of the d?cor. The first house was finished and the 2nd house was still under construction; having Melanie as both the designer and the agent for the sale proved to be critical as she could readily answer all of the buyers? questions about the 2nd house authoritatively."
Mary Krueger (New York, NY)

"Melanie was amazing! She made the whole experience effortless. The house speaks for itself - it is beautiful and incredibly well appointed, our large group was beyond comfortable in a spacious house that still felt cozy and warm, perfect for the out-of-town wedding for which we traveled to Nantucket. I really can't say enough about how helpful Melanie was -- the entire island is charming, but there is something even more wonderful about having a host be as relaxed and welcoming as the town itself. Everything about the stay was perfect and we would definitely come again!"
Melissa Danforth (Boston, MA)

"Hire her! You can count on Melanie to observe your budgetary limits, to think conscientiously about how to best express your vision for your house, to be very responsive, and to carry through above and beyond what you expect."
Georgia Raysman (Nantucket)

"Not only was Melanie amazing walking us through the different homes and neighborhoods, but she's also a gifted designer. We could not have been in better hands!"
Matthew Moore (Washington, DC)

"Melanie is one of the best people on island and can work with folks in DC too! She is also just an incredibly nice, fun, kind person overall!"
Becky R. (Washington, DC)

"If I were to refer Melanie to a very good friend, I would tell them that Melanie is a delightful personality to work with who also brings design talent and interior design industry knowledge. In addition to her sense of style and cohesion, Melanie has the patience and ability to listen which helps translate our tastes into design which is personal and familiar to us. We strongly recommend working with Melanie to create beautiful and unique interior spaces.
Leslie Gordon (Washington, DC)

"Melanie is very organized and creative and full of fresh new ideas and energy. She is nice and polite and best of all responsive. Follow up and follow through are key and she does both and with a smile."
Greenwich Client

"I selected Melanie to promote a new high end property for me prompted by the quality, detail and specific type of appeal I now knew she was able to generate through print and social media. In addition her communications were timely and always pleasant. Her willingness to synthesize my ideas with her expertise was exciting and fun for me and led to effective branding and logo for the property. She quickly implemented a multipronged marketing plan for me. Melanie?s assistance was invaluable for the launch of this property and is ongoing to assure continued vacation
rental bookings."
Patience Killen (Nantucket)

"Melanie brings a magical combination of talent, vision and passion that will delight you!!
Anne Tumlinson (Washington, DC)

"Her followup is perfect and you can continue to call on her for help and advice afterwards. Completely reliable, conscientious, good natured and a delight to work with. Can't recommend her highly enough."
Nantucket Client

"Melanie is professional, responsive and very, very creative. She is a pleasure to work with!
Penny Dey (Nantucket)

"Thank you for EVERYTHING!!! I truly mean that, working with you was great. Working with the Windwalker Raveis Real Estate group made the experience that much better because they were extremely accommodating and accessible. We appreciated the partnership, and hope to return next year."
Caleigh White (Nantucket)

"I saw The Three Dunes Estate and Winery brochure Melanie had developed and was impressed with the detail and thought evident in the layout, fonts, colors that complimented the visual content. The brochure was printed on high quality stock and that in tandem with the eyecatching front page graphic would preclude, for most potential buyers, a quick toss into the trash. Additional promotional materials for this high end property demanded the consistent quality which Melanie provided. I needed to get the attention of a buyer who desired a very unique property and was willing to spend millions. Melanie?s talents would help me accomplish that!"
Patience Killen (Nantucket)

"I really enjoyed working with you. You were so helpful and responsive. You will be my go-to Nantucket person! You are my go-to agent!"
Nancy Maney (New Jersey)

"Not only does Melanie have appealing, practical ideas and a fabulous eye for possibility, but she is a joy to work with. I cannot recommend her highly enough!"
Elizabeth Judd (Chevy Chase, MD)

"Melanie was an absolute pleasure to work with! Her communication is unparalleled, all you could possibly want or need."
Erika (Boston)

"I will absolutely use Melanie on my next visit to Nantucket and would highly recommend to anyone considering other options. Melanie was accessible and very easy to communicate with prior to our stay. She made it very easy to start our vacation as soon as we got onto the island. She made us feel at home, you won't want to leave!"
Jeffrey Skilling

"Thanks so much for everything! We loved all of the special touches, and I will definitely contact you the next time we return to Nantucket. Thanks again!"
Lisa P. (La Jolla, CA)

"Drew and I just think you are fabulous in every way! We have been so impressed by your handling of a multitude of issues. Thank you for always being there for us!"
Catherine Fraser (Orinda, CA)

"First - I want to thank you for being awesome. We feel fortunate to have a wonderful person like you in our lives."
Drew Fraser (Orinda, CA)

"Melanie was off the charts good. She is fabulous at her job. Works hard a hell and knows her stuff. She is a true professional and in many ways."
Mark Marache (Riverside, CT)



12 Main St, Nantucket, MA 02554

Sold Date: 06/06/2022



3 Fintry, Nantucket, MA 02554

Sold Date: 02/23/2022



4 Milestone Xing, 02554

Sold Date: 09/28/2021



110 Orange St, 02554

Sold Date: 08/31/2021



4 Aster Court, 02554

Sold Date: 03/15/2021



12 Main St, #5, 02554

Sold Date: 03/09/2021



2 Ackermuck Way, 02254

Sold Date: 03/05/2021



6 New Ln, 02554

Sold Date: 03/05/2021



8 Woodbury Ln, 02554-2151

Sold Date: 12/28/2020



9 Longwood Dr, 02554

Sold Date: 10/09/2020



151 Polpis Rd, 02554

Sold Date: 09/21/2020



4 Seven Mile Ln, 02554

Sold Date: 09/03/2020



11 Hussey St, 02554

Sold Date: 07/24/2020

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7 beds

7 baths

142 Surfside Road, Nantucket, (Surfside), MA, 02554


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6 baths

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2 baths

36 Tennessee Avenue, Nantucket, (Madaket), MA, 02554

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5 baths

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7 beds

7 baths

61 Fairgrounds Road, Nantucket, (Surfside), MA, 02554


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63 Fairgrounds Road, Nantucket, (Surfside), MA, 02554

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4 beds

5 baths

4B Back Street, Nantucket, (Town), MA, 02554


4 beds

3 baths

22 Sheep Pond Road, Nantucket, (Madaket), MA, 02554

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4 beds

1 bath

9 Orange Street, Nantucket, (Town), MA, 02554

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