Esin Susol

Esin Susol, Sales Associate - Brookline Office
191 Grove Street, Brookline, MA 02467

Email: | Cell: 857.350.0921 | Office: 617.731.7737 | Website:

Esin Susol

Sales Associate


Esin earned her Masters degree in Global Marketing and International Business and has a talent for negotiating and marketing. Having worked in sales for most of her career, she has combined all her expertise into Real Estate. She has earned e-Pro and CertifiedBuyer Representative (CBR) designation, specialized in listing properties, and got training for marketing luxury homes and estate properties. She takes pride in the relationships she builds and always works relentlessly on the client's behalf to help them achieve their goals. Esin is a skilled problem solver. She is known by all who have worked with her as an effective and reliable professional. Traveling extensively throughout Europe and the US has exposed her to multi-cultural structures and different opinions. All these elements have given her a very broad outlook and have inspired her in many aspects. It is so important for you to know she will take the opportunity to work with you or anyone you refer to her very seriously and given the opportunity she can guarantees she will deliver results.