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What is RSS?

RSS content can be read using software called a feed reader or aggregators. When you subscribe to our William Raveis RSS email notification the reader you choose will check if any new properties are available based on your search criteria and alert you directly from your desktop!

RSS icon A "Feed Reader" is required for using Web Feeds. This tool works like an automated e-mail program, but no e-mail address is needed. The user subscribes to a particular web feed, and thereafter receives updated contents, every time updating takes place. Feed Readers may be online (like a webmail account) or offline. Recently a number of mobile readers have arrived to the market. An offline web feed is downloaded to the user's system. Feed readers are used in personalized home page services like My Google or My Yahoo or My MSN to put content such as news, weather and stock quotes appear on the user’s personal page. Content from other sites can also be added to that personalized page, again using feeds.

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RSS feed will work with most stand feed readers including:

RSS feed shown in Google Reader.

Internet Explorer
Don't waste time checking many different sites and Blogs for updates. Just select the sites or topics you care about and Internet Explorer delivers all the new headlines and updates to your Favorites Center.

Free, web-based news aggregator that makes it easy to keep up with your favorite blogs and RSS newsfeeds.

Windows application that reads and displays RSS newsfeeds based on XML.

Advanced feed management technology that helps bloggers, podcasters, and commercial publishers get more value from the content they create.

RSS aggregator for the .NET framework.

Web news reader and browser which provides access to news content from different sources.

Offers an Internet Explorer add-on which integrates a bookmark manager, web sharing, RSS reader, and search.

Free Windows RSS news-reader.

RSS Bandit
An RSS/Atom aggregator for desktops written with the .NET Framework.

All Headline News
Continuously updated news and headline links from thousands of news sources. Also offers RSS feeds.

Get critical business information to the right people and cut through information overloads with enterprise RSS feed servers and free Outlook RSS readers.

Cross platform, open-sourced, syndicated news aggregator.