0 Crystal Sands DRIVE, Jacksonville, FL, 32218

0 Crystal Sands DRIVE, Jacksonville, FL, 32218

Introducing an extraordinary opportunity to acquire a remarkable 40-acre land in the vibrant city of Jacksonville, Florida! This exceptional property is expertly zoned for Planned Unit Development (PUD), presenting a multitude of possibilities for the savvy investor. With a residential density allowance of 3-7 units per acre, this land offers an incredible canvas for creating a thriving and lucrative community. Imagine crafting a visionary development that seamlessly combines modern living with the charm of nature. With the potential to build up to 280 residential units on this expansive 40-acre parcel, the financial prospects are truly tantalizing. Take advantage of the strong demand for housing in this desirable area and unlock the door to substantial returns on investment. But that's not all - nestled within this remarkable property lies a small but a very important portion designated as HSW/SWAMP PRODUCTIVE land. This unique portion offers an array of benefits that further enhance the value of the entire 40-acre parcel. The HSW/SWAMP PRODUCTIVE land, although small in size, presents an exceptional opportunity for wetland mitigation. As environmental consciousness continues to grow, the ability to offset wetland effects through strategic land use becomes increasingly valuable. This portion of the property allows you to contribute positively to the ecosystem while adhering to regulatory requirements, making it an environmentally responsible investment. Moreover, this portion of the land holds immense potential for creating stunning lakes and ponds. Imagine the serene views, recreational opportunities, and the added appeal of waterfront properties. This feature not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the development but also provides a unique selling point that will captivate potential buyers or residents. Additionally, the timber and plant resources present within the HSW/SWAMP PRODUCTIVE land offer further opportunities for financial gain. Sustainable timber harvesting can provide a long-term source of income, while the diverse plant life can be utilized for landscaping, botanical research, or even the creation of vibrant gardens.




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