October 13, 2009
Win a Plasma TV, Diamonds & $1000 Gift Cards while helping Raise Funds for Breast Cancer
Imagine a world where cancer was no longer deadly, but a livable disease. With staggering statistics of 194,280 new cases of breast cancer predicted by year's end, William Raveis Real Estate, Mortgage & Insurance has strengthened their fundraising efforts in a company-wide endeavor to fight this terrible disease and its effects. Breast cancer is expected to cause 40,610 deaths in 2009.

Sales associates from William Raveis offices throughout four states can be seen surrounded by pink and white balloons, selling raffle tickets for the William Raveis Breast Cancer Research Fund at carnivals, sporting events, shopping centers, in front of their offices and in front of grocery stores.

William Raveis, Chairman and CEO, stated that the company expects to sell 40,000 tickets this year and are well on their way to reach that goal. "In only five years, we have raised over $1 million dollars and our goal this year is to reach $1.3 million."

"Breast Cancer has touched the lives of men as well as women. About 1% of all breast cancers occur among men," he added.

The monies raised by the company will benefit the William Raveis ACS Navigator Care Program at the University of Connecticut Heath Center, Farmington, CT and the Navigator Care Program at the Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital, Boston, MA. The program provides guidance and support for cancer patients, their families and caregivers as they face the logistical, financial and emotional challenges of their unique cancer experience.

"Our fund has always supported research and education, but this is something that is helping people who have cancer now," states Mr. Raveis. "The big picture is vital, but so is making sure that we assist individual patients and their families through our philanthropy. The collective dedication of our sales associates, employees, vendors and clients has been nothing short of outstanding as we witness such positive outcomes to our fundraising efforts."

According to Carolyn Deal, Director of the William Raveis Charitable Fund, Inc., the momentum built up in this year's campaign has been greater than ever. "Sales associates have personally donated vacations in their summer homes to the highest bidder, have held golf tournaments, recycled cell phones, auctioned sports memorabilia...and so many other creative measures to raise money for this very worthy cause."

Tickets are only $5 each with 20 spectacular prizes including an 18K gold necklace with diamond, a 50" Panasonic Plasma TV, a $1,000 Gift card redeemable at Home Depot, four Red Sox tickets redeemable at Fenway Park in Boston, a $600 Gift card redeemable at Dell, a Canon 9.0 megapixel digital camera with Canon Pixma mobile photo printer, two Adult New York, NY CityPasses redeemable at CityPass with $100 gift cards redeemable at Patina Group Restaurants, a $500 Gift card redeemable at Pottery Barn plus 12 more. To preview the entire list of prizes, please visit raveis.com and click on the William Raveis Breast Cancer Research Fund link at the bottom of the front page. Follow the pink text.

The drawing will be held December 2, 2009 at the William Raveis Headquarters.

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