Real Astute buyers know money talks.

With CashBid, backed by Raveis Purchase, LLC, we give you a 100% cash advantage. So you become the favored cash buyer sellers prefer. Get a mortgage from the family who gets real estate.

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Incredible simplicity

William Raveis buys the house on behalf of your clients, at their terms and price

Incredible security

Offer backed by William Raveis company, using our own cash

Incredible speed

In many cases, Raveis CashBid can close in a week

Incredible partnership

Once the offer is accepted and lending processed, you and your banker help your buyer secure a competitive mortgage and transfer title to them. *


Real Astute buyers know cash bids win homes.


Recent 2021 study reveals mortgage homebuyers pay a significant premium between 4%-11% relative to all-cash buyers in residential real estate transactions **

** The Mortgage-Cash Premium Puzzle, Sept. 2021

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