Wendy Beaulieu

Wendy Beaulieu

SVP Strategic Growth and Regional Manager - Osterville Office
812 Main Street, Osterville, MA 02655

Email: Wendy.Beaulieu@raveis.com | Cell: 508.726.3304 | Office: 508.428.3320
Website: https://wendybeaulieu.raveis.com

Certified Homeownership Professional


Wendy Beaulieu is one of the most professional and competent women that I have met in Real Estate. From the first time I met her, I knew that I wanted to work with her someday. Her style is warm, self-assured, to the point with grace and knowledge. She is herself with no airs or ego which is refreshing. Wendy "Blew me away" Beaulieu is a woman that I look up to in this crazy business. Once you meet her you will be striving to live up to her impressive standards of professionalism and as a human being.
Nancy Griffin

As I reflect back over my past 10 year association with Wendy Beaulieu, I have never worked in the presence of someone who has consistently maintained such a broad creative perspective. Her fresh approach, poise and professionalism show a natural knack to simply lead gracefully confident and with vision and purpose.

Author Robert K Greenleaf once wrote that "A Servant Leader shares power, puts the need of others first and helps people develop to perform as highly as possible". This is just a sampling of Wendy's presence & skill set which have directly supported her success and the success of William Raveis RE in Boston, the South Shore and Cape Cod. I would work for Wendy Beaulieu on the moon should Bill Raveis decide to explore an untapped market!

Frank DeStefano

"It took eighteen months for me to make the decision to move to Raveis. Everything they presented to me looked and sounded great (and by the way, they delivered on all of it!) but still I hemmed and hawed. The clincher for me was Wendy Beaulieu. I know Wendy to be smart, decisive, fair, bold, and above all things, kind. I trust her even when I don't agree with her and would follow her through fire. Raveis is lucky to have her, and I'm so lucky to work in the sunshine of her leadership."
Katie (Clancy)

"My first meeting with Wendy Beaulieu was at my interview nine years ago. I was so impressed with
her, she made joining William Raveis an easy decision.
Over the years I have been very impressed with her professionalism, honesty, strong leadership skills
patience and ability to encourage agents to be the best.
Wendy is very fair, makes well thought-out decisions, encourages agent participation and listens to
their input. She makes you feel you are an important part of the team and is truly interested in the
agents professional growth."
Keith (Sexton)