Selcuk Gokaltun

Selcuk Gokaltun

Sales Associate - Brookline Office
191 Grove Street, Brookline, MA 02467

Email: | Cell: 617.852.9892 | Office: 617.731.7737

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"Professionalism is the major trait of Selcuk. Thanks to his extraordinary management skills and timely responses to our preferences/requests, we were able to find and move in to our new rental in just a couple of days. I appreciate Selcuk's impressive handling of our case and the kind help throughout the process."
Tomas Baka (Brookline)

"I highly recommend Selcuk to everyone looking for a professional and effective Realtor. He helps me to lease an excellent apartment in Boston. From the very beginning, the contact was full of respect and competence. He helped me successfully go through the rent application process and sign the lease agreement with the apartment owner in less than a week. Furthermore, Selcuk explained to me in exact detail the procedure of renting in Massachusetts, which was crucial for me as a European. I would definitely contact Selcuk next time I search for an apartment in the Boston area."
Krzysztof Kotowski (Brookline)

"I was moving to Boston on short notice and needed to rent an apartment remotely. Mr Gokaltun helped me out to find a place and managed all the process professionally. I strongly recommend him to anybody planning to buy/sell or rent a property in Massachusetts."
Gokhan Isik (Cambridge)

"Ever since we contacted him, he helped us find the house we were looking for, with great care and professionalism. He guided us by participating in rental house tours and his applications for us quickly received positive results. In summary, we were very pleased with Selcuk during our house search and we would definitely recommend him to anyone."
Kaan-Arda-Hakan (West Roxbury)

"Selcuk is very professional REALTOR. Helped us to find an apartment in short time."
Elnur Shirinov (Brookline)

"Thank you for everything you've done for us. Thanks to you we found the house even though we were not in Boston."
Alpertunga Atakan (Cambridge)

"Selcuk is very helpful. He helped us to rent our first house. Thank you Selcuk!"
Cuneyt (Watertown)

"Our process of finding a house with Selcuk went very well. I was able to reach him whenever I wanted. I think this is very important. Thank you very much for your hard work. You can rent a house with peace of mind with him."
Muhammed Kesmez (Newton)

"Selcuk helped me to rent my apartment, he is very attentive and resolutive."
Jose Muixi Gancedo (Chestnut Hill)

"Thanks for everything!"
Berkay Dillice (North Andover)

"Selcuk really involved in every single step of finding me a suitable property to purchase. He helped a lot with potential houses and joined me in home tours and open houses. The best part was that he helped me get a new Pre-approval super quick (in couple of hours). He did the same also for the home insurance which I needed for my mortgage approval. He followed up everything in the purchase process proactively and notified me if I was late or forgot completing something. Thanks Selcuk for your help and support."
Mehmet Tik (Natick)