Robin Gebrian

Robin Gebrian

Sales Associate - West Hartford Office
125 LaSalle Road, West Hartford, CT 06107

Email: | Cell: 860.985.7807 | Office: 860.521.4311

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"Robin Gebrian was our sellers broker. FABULOUS!!! Always available, friendly, helpful, and supportive, her expertise at staging, pricing and photographing, her professional connections, her attention to detail, her knowledge of zoning, and her generous assistance on all issues which arose was invaluable. She represented our unique home with descriptive richness and clarity, painting a picture which wet the interest of realtors and their buyers so we had a contract in under two and a half weeks."

"We interviewed other realtors and chose Robin. She proved herself to be such an exceptionally experienced and perceptive realtor we would not even consider having any other for either buying or selling. How fortunate we were to find her! ROBIN GEBRIAN is THE BEST!!! She has our highest recommendations. 9/2015"

Robin helped us buy this house 17 years ago, and she made the process of buying extremely comfortable for a young couple with kids. We were selling the house to move and start a new job and she was equally fantastic. She helped us get the house ready to show---she was a bit of task master, but the results were worth it. We wanted to sell quickly and she helped us set a price that was very attractive and which yielded an offer the very first day we had it listed. Throughout the negotiations and the process leading up to closing she was helpful and supportive. She was able to recommend craftsmen to help with all the little details that turn up in inspections, and she worked very well with our lawyer. You could not ask for a better agent and I would recommend her to all my friends and family. 8/2015

"Robin is professional and detailed. Her knowledge of selling and staging homes is amazing. She was always responsive and thorough. She always provided great advice and looked at things in reference to our best interest. We utilized Robin to locate a home as well in the past, and after one meeting she listened and showed us homes that were based on our must haves. She didn't waste our time in showing us homes that would not be a fit. Highly recommend, and if we move back to CT at some point in the future we would utilize again. 8/2015"

"I've delt with a number of realtors and Robin is head and shoulders above all of them. She calls with answers before I had even thought of the question. She didn't let anything slip by without being thoroughly examined and resolved. She 'held our hands' through the whole process. She responded to all our requests for support, for marketing, for open houses, and for 'pressure' on the potential buyer (soft but firm). Without her, the closing would have been a shambles but she helped straighten everything out so it ended up on a positive note. 7/2015"

"Robin is truly the best agent I've ever found. She helped me tremendously in purchasing my dream house. As a first home buyer, I had a limited budget and was not familiar with the area. Robin is very knowledgeable about the area and her expertise guided me in every step. On the first day, her easy-going personality and professionalism put me at ease..."

"During the whole house hunting process, Robin never rushed me. Instead she took time doing intensive research with me, showing me houses I chose, and comparing pros and cons about houses. Very organized and neat about the information she found for me. I remember there was a house which is located in my favorite town, but the structure needs some renovation. I liked the location so I couldn't make the decision. Robin honestly expressed her opinion. First of all she mentioned the structure is a major problem and the renovation based on house's condition might be costly. Most importantly she pointed out the house is not kids-friendly as there's a small river right behind it. It reminded me of potential risks it poses for my toddler son. So I moved on and kept looking. After more than 6 months of searching, finally I found a house of my dream."

"Robin helped me negotiating the price with the seller while there were 3 buying offers. With Robin's help, the seller accepted my offer. I couldn't believe I got the house when Robin called me...that special moment still stays vivid in my memory. There're many, many other things Robin did for me...Words can't express my gratitude for her."

"I truly appreciate Robin's help in finding my dream home. She's such an excellent agent who always thinks in customer's shoes and does things beyond. I felt so blessed that my friend recommended her to me..."

"We have worked with 10+ different agents in our real estate transactions over the course of many years. Robin is the FIRST one who impressed us with her knowledge, negotiating skills and overall ability to find what we are looking for and get us the property. Amazing, would HIGHLY recommend."

"As previously indictated the experience in the West Hartford market of our broker, Robin Gebrian, resulted in the sale of our home in less than one week."
Alan/Mary Ann Jones (West Hartford, CT)

"Robin was responsive, easy to work with and very knowledgeable about sales in the area. I enjoyed working with her!"
Estate Of Marguerite Rice (West Hartford, CT)

"See above"
Heather Wilson (NEW HARTFORD, CT)

"Robin Gebrian provided effective, relevant and timely counsel at every step. She was instrumental in guiding us on preparing the property for sale, orienting us on how to handle showings and feedback from showings, market conditions, pricing and, ultimately in negotiating with buyers and finalizing inspections and similar details."
Kevin/Rose Mihaly (Avon, CT)

"This was our second transaction working with Robin. Communication was excellent and the process moved smoothly. Her professionalism was most appreciated. I have already passed her name onto several people."
R. Scott Cochrane (West Hartford, CT)

"Robin Gebrian handles all of her transactions with patience, respect, compassion and professionalism. She is always available and her honesty and experience are unparalleled. It was a pleasure to have her assist me with the sale of my home."
Daniel/Lindsey Howard (West Hartford, CT)

"Moving from out-of-state, it was incredibly that Robin was so well-informed on the details of the housing market, inspection services and home-buying process in Connecticut. She made it very straightforward for us to get the house we wanted!"
Megan Feely (West Hartford, CT)

"My agent was patient and kind. I've worked with Robin before and so there was a familiarity and that always helps. Robin makes you feel as though you're her only client, and her attention to detail is remarkable."
Peter Moffett (DEEP RIVER, CT)

"Robin Gebrian is a knowledgeable and professional agent. Robin comes to the table prepared, with the goal of providing premium service, from beginning to end."
Richard/Wendy Faire (West Hartford, CT)

"Robin took the time to understand my must-haves and gave her honest opinion throughout the home search process. Her knowledge and experience shined through!"
Daniel Carnevale (Mystic, CT)

"Robin was/is phenomenal. The help, support, communication, knowledge and service was amazing - I would recommend to everyone!"
John/Kate Webb (West Hartford, CT)

"Robin took most of the stress out of the process of selling. She presented her ideas of what I needed to change or fix in a manner that was direct but kind - an essential approach for me, as it allowed for my emotional reactions! She gave excellent advice when the first offer came through, on day 1."
Virginia Allen (West Hartford, CT)

"Some time ago (well in advance of our sale decision) we invited Robin Gebrian to visit - we had been acquainted through church and she has a sterling reputation in realty. She provided suggestions and what might be done to enhance the home - we followed up and -- POOF -- she sold our home immediately."
Sally Williams aka Sally Fuller (West Hartford, CT)

"Robin Gebrian is extremely knowledgeable of the West Hartford real estate market and made the process of buying our property relatively easy. Thank you Robin!"
John/Elizabeth Kauczka (West Hartford, CT)

"Robin helped us make an out of state move and find the perfect house for our family. She understood the difficulty of a relocation and was very helpful through the entire process."
Shannon Gerard (Frederick, MD)

"Robin Gebrian has incredible expertise in pricing our property, advising us on preparing our property for sale and guiding us through the negotiations and closing. She is a wonderful agent."
John/Elizabeth Kauczka (West Hartford, CT)

"Robin is simply fabulous. She has an eye for real estate and wants to ensure that you find a home you love! Her personality, demeanor and patience are next to none!"
Katelyn Kirby (West Hartford, CT)

"Robin urged a few physical changes, and recommended an asking price which was ABOVE that of an independent appraisal. Sold, at asking price, in less than 24 hours!"
Estate Of William Wing (Suffield, CT)

"The agent did an excellent job. She had a lot of expertise and experience."
Trustee John Tucker (West Hartford, CT)

"Very very good, beginning to end <br />Great communication throughout"
James/Ethel Gardiner (West Hartford, CT)

"We are so grateful! Robin provided stellar service as she helped us to find our home and sort out the buying process with the mortgage lender and attorney for closing. Thanks, Robin!!"
Jonathan/Felice Russell (Ithaca, NY)

"My realtor, Robin Gebrian, is an outstanding representation for your company. My daughter and son-in-law used her for prior home purchases. Robin listens to the client and is astute in providing choices that carefully fit my requests after the initial phone call. Throughout the process up to the closing, Robin's guidance and advice was invaluable. Robin was a trusted asset in this very special life decision. I cannot praise this woman highly enough. She is truly a precious jewel in the William Raveis crown."
Joan H. Rosen (Bayonne, NJ)

"Robin Gebrian went above and beyond to help us ready the house for listing, to stage for showing and to make sure the sale was completed in a timely manner."
Roy/Marsha Marshall (West Hartford, CT)

"Robin was fantastically patient and insightful. A delight to work with. Responsive and helpful, always."
Daniel Muntges

"Particularly since we weren't local, Robin made the entire process smooth and easy for us. She was proactive and responsive - consistently giving us a heads up on properties she thought we'd like. When we found a property we liked, she worked 24/7 to make sure our offer was accepted."
Kristen Philllips (Philadelphia, PA)

"Robin is very knowledgeable, accessible at all times, great follow through and very realistic as to what is taking place in the market"
Thomas Baerlein (West Hartford, CT)

"Robin is professional, always available, knows the market, is realistic, and very good at presenting solutions to any issues that come up"
Thomas Baerlein (West Hartford, CT)

"Robin was an amazing agent. Her 29 years of experience were incredibly helpful in guiding my decision making throughout the process of selling my home. She was very quick to respond when I reached out through text, email, or a phone call. The photos she procured really helped garner interest in the home. Her knowledge of West Hartford real estate was top notch. I would not hesitate one second to recommend her to any of my friends or family."
Benjamin M Bieglecki (West Hartford, CT)

"She made us feel as if we were her only clients. She was wonderful!"
Randall Rottman (West Hartford, CT)

"Robin always answered her phone or returned messages promptly. She was highly knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process. She was the best !"
Deborah LaMont (Farmington, CT)

"Robin is a walking encyclopedia of local real estate. She helped us find a condo that was spacious, bright and well located so we could realize our goal of downsizing while staying in the neighborhood we love."
Thomas J Condon (West Hartford, CT)

"Robin Gebrian was extraordinary- smart, hard working and sensitive to our needs and concerns."
Richard Bartell (West Hartford, CT)

"Robin is extremely knowledgeable and was able to advise us well throughout the process of both buying a house and selling a house. In each case, she got us the best deal <br />possible and helped us navigate every stage of the process smoothly."
Jessica Rudman (Simsbury, CT)