Nick Jaku

Nick Jaku

Sales Associate - Stamford Office
1022 Long Ridge Road, Stamford, CT 06903

Email: | Cell: 203.613.7440 | Office: 203.322.0200

Certified Homeownership Professional


"We were looking for one real-estate property for investment purposes and Nick was very very helpful that we end up buying two. We are very happy with the purchase and Nick walking us through all investment opportunities in granular. Very happy with services provided by William Raveis and its real-estate agent Nick Jaku."
.Darko Nikolic (Stamford, CT)

"Nick knew exactly what we were looking for and was always on top of his game with letting know when the right property became available"
Richard Tiani (Norwalk, CT)

"Nick Jaku is very professional, and courteous He worked tirelessly to make sure our home, was sold, and stayed on top of all the fine details, until it closed. He returned our calls, and emails promptly, even after business hours. He has experience, and knowledge in real estate that sets him apart from most other agents."
Jeffrey Hoffkins (Greenwich, CT)

"Nick Jaku informed me about every detail about progress with the sale since this was my first transaction."
Jozefa Lapinski (Stamford, CT)

"2-3 sentences?! That's really hard to do when asked about the services I received from Jan Watson & Nick Jaku! ;-) <br /> <br />The Jan Watson / Nick Jaku team is the BEST and I am SO GLAD & GRATEFUL I was represented by them. <br /> <br />They worked hard before, during, and AFTER the sale was complete. They immediately assessed & understood my circumstances & situation, which I really appreciated and needed. They adjusted immediately to changes and new situations as they arose, of which there were many. They're super-responsive -- to phone calls, emails, texts (all of which were exchanged) and probably would've even been super-responsive to smoke signals if I'd sent them! Being responsive in my was really important and that was just a 'given' with them -- I didn't have to tell them I needed them to get back to me right away and I didn't ever have to ask them to get back to me sooner -- that's just the way they work and run their professional lives. I heard from them at night, in the early morning, on weekends and friends tell me that that's not how it was with their realtors -- they were always trying to reach them, always waiting for them to return a call, etc. <br /> <br />Wih Jan & Nick's combined years of experience, they know the Stamford housing market inside & out, north to south, east to west! They're keenly aware of what's going on -- and what will be going on in the future -- re the local market, the overall market, banks, interest rates, etc. and always shared it with me so that I was informed and could make intelligent decisions. They're professional yet warm, and I always felt they were people first, then realtors, which also is, unfortunately, not always the case, based on my own experiences in the past. <br /> <br />I felt protected on all levels and knew that all the t's would be crossed, all the i's would be dotted, and everything would be taken care of correctly, professionally, and legally. <br /> <br />I have no doubt that my house would not have sold as quickly as it did if Jan Watson & Nick Jaku weren't my sales associates. <br /> <br />Like I said earlier, 2 - 3 sentences just wouldn't be enough! ;-) thank you <br /> <br />Andrea Denner <br />Seller"

"Jan and Nick provided excellent service: strategy (six offers in three days with three over the list price), staging, execution, and especially during the hard work between accepted offer to closing. The buyer was very difficult and they helped us navigate through the ups and downs. <br /> <br />Mr. and Mrs. Cooper <br />Seller"

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