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Maria Palladino - Palladino Team at William Raveis

Sales Associate - Stamford Office
1022 Long Ridge Road, Stamford, CT 06903

Email: | Cell: 203.273.4879 | Office: 203.322.0200

Certified Homeownership Professional


"1. In working with you I’m confident to say that any new client of yours will come to realize that it’s a privilege to do business under your guidance.

On a personal bases you are a warm and caring person that seems to really care about your clients and their families. You work very hard to assure that the transition of buying a home is well planned, very timely and runs smoothly. Both of my experiences buying two homes with you were very positive with no surprises.

Your knowledge of real-estate market is impressive where my questions were answered accurately and quickly. You have a gift in translating family story book wants and needs for a home to reality. I think this comes from having excellent listening skills and having mastered the real-estate market knowledge. It has always amazed me how you could quickly find what we were looking for and explain how it could satisfy our wants and needs. Your people skills, market knowledge and good planning made my experience working with you very positive.

Your in depth knowledge of many details associated with the physical structures and craftsmanship was always impressive. This must be an extension of your experience in property management and exposure to your husband’s family business in new house construction. I found this to be a very valuable skill because, you could guide us with confidence and point out important things that most agents typically would not recognize.

Your knowledge of zoning laws, schools systems and the surrounding environments of neighborhoods was very helpful in our search. Your knowledge of real-estate law, mortgages and the closing process made it easy for me. Being a successful agent starts with knowing the details which on all accounts you have mastered.

Your flexibility and commitment to your clients is impressive. When called, no matter what time you always picked up the phone. Scheduling visits was never a challenge, your flexibility really shows great commitment to your clients. Your professional service is top notch.

My experience in working with you has been all positive and I highly recommend your services.

Sal Zucaro
DRS Technologies
21 South Street
Danbury, CT 06810

2. Maria has been the agent for our rental apartment in Stamford for several tenants over at least six years. Each time we tell her that we need a new tenant, she produces a detailed market analysis which allows us to price our unit effectively. Through her agency, she performs initial credit checks for US to evaluate tenant applicants, and she understands exactly what we are looking for in a tenant, and does not waste our time with applicants who will not be a good match. The credit reports can also be used to satisfy the requirements of our condo association’s rental screening program.

Carter L, Colter
Milford, CT 06460

3. Mrs. Maria Palladino was the listing broker for my mother's two family home, and shortly thereafter, helped me purchase my condo in 2004. In terms of my condo search, she not only showed me units that matched what I was looking for but also asked me to view units that were not what I thought I wanted to initially purchase; I found this to be an effective strategy because it helped me refine what I thought I wanted to what I knew I needed. I believe it also helped her understand me better as a client. In 2005 and 2012, Maria helped me find the best tenants you can possibly imagine. To be specific, I shared with Maria the type of tenant I would appreciate renting to and she even raised the bar for the qualifications I wanted in a tenant, knowing the reasons why I needed to rent my condo. She had my interests in mind--I find being a landlord stressful and one less thing I would prefer to not have on my plate. I cannot express to you how pleased I am to have had my previous tenant and my current tenants. She only suggested tenants that surpassed my expectations and each renter search was completed in an efficient and effective manner.

In short, I recommend Mrs. Maria Palladino without reservation and wish you the best in your housing search.

Dr. Yvel C. Crevecoeur

4. I have had the pleasure of knowing Maria Palladino for approximately four years. She works at the Williams Raveis Real Estate Company at 1022 Long Ridge Road in Stamford, Connecticut. She was my real estate agent when I purchased an apartment in Stamford and has worked with me over the past four years to rent it on several different occasions.

I have known Maria personally for four years and have always known her to be an organized, trusted, responsible, and easy going individual. I believe that her skills and experience make her an excellent person to work with and to have as part of a team.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me by phone or email noted below.

Jaime Castro

5. My overall experience with Maria has been nothing but extraordinary! I met Maria while I was living in Stamford, CT. I moved out of my parents home to go to College in Boston. After two years of living on campus, I called Maria to ask her for a referral so I can find a 2 bedroom condo for rent. Within minutes, Maria had done her research and I had a realtor from my area in Boston call me to set up an appointment to look at some places. During this time when I was working with a local realtor, referred by Maria, Maria and I were in contact. She was able to give me advice as to what kind of condo would best suit my need and she helped me through my search process. A couple years later, I got a job far away from my condo but still within the state of Massachusetts.

I needed to move and this time was looking to rent a single family house. Again, without hesitation, I called Maria for assistance. She inquired about what I wanted and where I wanted to live. I was debating between a couple neighborhoods, and again Maria did her research, shared her recommendations and found me yet another realtor to work with.

Soon after, I was moving from my condo to my new house. While I was living in my house, I continued working and got married! My husband and I rented for a while and we finally decided on buying a house. My husband had a realtor who he knew, but I insisted on calling Maria. This time was a little different because we were looking for close proximity to both out jobs, a town with a better than good school system, and a fairly new house. Maria did everything for us! She researched all of the items on our checklist and narrowed our search down to one great town of West Bridgewater, Massachusetts. She then put us in contact with the listing agent. Maria, from 3 hours away, helped us navigate our way through the quite complicated process of buying our own home. She took us step by step, helped us negotiate our contract, even giving much helpful advice along the way! We are now on our way to close the deal on January 31st, 2013 at 4 Teresa Road West Bridgewater

My husband and I are extremely excited and thanks to Maria stress free because of Maria's constant communication, great advice, and helpful personality. We have been taken care of by the best! If I didn't have Maria on my side throughout all these transactions, I wouldn't be where I am today! My husband and I would are very grateful for her. She even went as far as keeping communication with our realtor.

Because we are moving out, I referred Maria to our landlord who is now, because of Maria in the process of selling his home! I am so grateful for Maria's talent in real estate! She is a remarkable woman and with exquisite professionalism and talent! I would recommend Maria to anyone who needs help regardless of where they are. Throughout my time in Massachusetts Maria and I have kept in contact and I plan to continue that."

"The agent, Maria Palladino was great. "

"Maria was great! I've been looking for the perfect first home for me and it's been a year long process, but she was willing to show me every house I wanted to see and stick by me through it all. Maria Palladino is a delight to work with and very in tune w/ the current market!"