Len Bowen

Len Bowen

Luxury Properties Specialist - Provincetown Office
154 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA 02657

Email: Len.Bowen@raveis.com | Cell: 508.989.5461 | Office: 508.487.4005
Website: https://lenbowen.raveis.com


"Len Bowen was great. Suffice it to say the process was very difficult due to the buyer's peculiarities. Len has more patience than I and managed to make the sale work."

"I was happy with the ongoing communication between my agent, myself, and the buyer's agent. I felt well guided by my agent. Very satisfied."

"Len Bowen was extremely helpful and always available. He made the process, which due to unforeseen circumstances was much longer than expected, go as smoothly as possible."

"Choice of agent was simple because I've known Len for years and we are neighbors. I felt very comfortable with him and had confidence in his advice throughout the process. His deep knowledge of the Provincetown market is a great asset."

"Len Bowen gave us great advice on what the property was actually worth and for what price it should be listed, which was much higher than I anticipated. I think other realtors would have listed it lower to get a quick sale, but with Len we got the higher price AND the quick sale. I felt that Len had our best interests in mind during the entire process. He is a real gem! <br />"
Billy Andrews

"We were faced with many hardships on this deal. Len was always there for us and worked very hard, much harder than any other real estate agent ever. He is amazing and he pulled us through, doing countless things to bring this sale off. We will be using him for our future sales as no one could come close to the service level that he provides."
Nancy Seeley (North Weymouth, MA)

"I completely trusted the information Len gave me. Prompt response to any email, texts or phone calls. His persistence to see that the deal closed!"
Christopher Scales (Provincetown, MA)

"We felt Len Bowen worked extremely hard to sell our codo and are very appreciative of all his efforts."
Mark Petterutti

"Len Bowen went out of his way to make this sale happen. In fact, it was due entirely to Len's persistence and integrity. We are grateful!"
Wilderness Sarchild (Brewster, MA)

"Len was professional and helpful in our selection process,"
Paul Cronin - Swalboski

"Len Bowen is an excellent representative of the organization. He was quick, communicative, friendly and knowledgeable. He was also very supportive since we were buying a vacation home, and needed to do most of the transactions from out of state."
Matthew Vecera (Cliffside Par, NJ)

"Len Bowen is a superb realtor. He was extremely knowledgeable of the local market. He was always quick to return calls and emails, and showed us all the properties we asked to see."
Lawrence J. Russo (Provincetown, MA)

"I look forward to a congratulations/first meeting with Len Bowen since I closed remotely with attorney."
Joseph Ferrante (Boston, MA)

"Len Bowen is a very supportive and helpful agent. <br />All was done very timely and well"
Richard Bergman (WALLINGFORD, PA)

"Len Bowen did everything he needed to do"
Bertrand G Chapman (Provincetown, MA)

"The agency has done so much for us. All the employees are so kind and helpful. It is extremely obvious that they all enjoy their job and it's not just about a paycheck. They helped us over the years with many things and we are so grateful for that. They made the entire purchase and selling process painless."
Robert Schneider (Provincetown, ma)