Joel Harms

Joel Harms

Luxury Properties Specialist - Provincetown Office
154 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA 02657

Email: | Cell: 508.246.8576 | Office: 508.487.4005


"Joel is amazing. He helped us purchase our home every step of the way. Even after the closing Joel-was and is still helpful to us in so many ways. Joel is extremely responsive which is very important during the process of purchasing a home. He took on responsibilities that were more than likely out of his responsibility but he did so without complaints and goes out of his way to ensure our satisfaction. I have worked with Joel on two real estate transactions and would highly recommend him to anyone."
Lisa Santy (Provincetown)

"Joel helped me with my first home purchase in Provincetown last fall, and I could not have done it without him! I was trying to purchase a condo, which was an estate sale and we were up against multiple other offers. Joel was able to work with the seller's agent to make sure we were competitive, and totally informed throughout the entire process. Once our offer had been accepted, Joel connected me with the absolute best home inspector, and kept the purchase on track with the seller's attorney and my lender to make sure nothing fell through the cracks. Buying a home can be quite stressful at times, but I always knew Joel was a quick phone call away, and would know what to do if we got stuck on anything."
Hunter Giaotti (Provincetown)

Peter and Bob reviewed Joel Harms on 5/17/17: My partner and I met Joel shortly after we moved to Provincetown full-time. We instantly became friends. Once we decided we were ready to purchase a home here, we knew Joel was the one we wanted to guide us through the process. His easy-going sensibility, availability, and knowledge of the market helped make the process a more enjoyable one when it can often be a struggle. The home we settled on had just come down considerably in price, and had attracted a great deal of interest. Joel had our offer in very quickly, and stayed right on top of a bit of back and forth negotiation until we came to an agreement. We were so thankful for his professionalism at closing this deal and all his help in finding us the other professionals required to complete such an important transaction. We highly recommend Joel, and we'll be calling on him again should we be in the market to sell or buy again in the Provincetown area."
Peter and Bob (Provincetown)

"Scott Dean reviewed Joel Harms on 4/11/17: We have known Joel for many years and used him for numerous real estate transactions. He is always very professional and knowledgeable about local real estate in Provincetown. His background negotiating in large cities and small towns comes in very handy in seeing the deal through to close."
Scott Dean (Provincetown)

"Rob and Doug reviewed Joel Harms on 2/9/17: We are very pleased working with Joel in the sale of our condo. One of the primary reasons we selected Joel was his long term experience with Provincetown and in real estate. He was spot on about the ultimate price we could expect for our sale though he worked for several months at our request pursuing the high end of the market. During that time he was tireless in coming up with creative approaches and being available to agents and their clients when it was convenient for them. Joel attended to both major and minor details which would have been more difficult for us especially long distance. I highly recommend Joel Harms."
Rob and Doug (Provincetown)

"Thom reviewed Joel Harms on 2/2/17: I had a difficult transaction with a property that was over priced. Joel's knowledge of local comps and skillfully strategy/negotiations landed the deal."
Thom (Provincetown)

"Andy Towle reviewed Joel Harms on 1/27/2017: I was a first time home buyer and helped me navigate each step of the way once I had identified the home I wanted. I have known him since I first came to Provincetown 25 years ago and he knows the town and the market here like the back of his hand. I have the utmost confidence in his expertise and would take his advice on another real estate purchase in a second."
Andy Towle (Provincetown)

"James Trosino reviewed Joel Harms on 1/26/2017: We first met Joel several years before we found the house that we ultimately purchased in Provincetown. During that time, we found several properties that were of interest, but it took us a while to find the right house. Throughout that process, Joel was extremely patient, resourceful, creative, and helpful. He has deep knowledge of the local market, and most importantly, has a great sense of humor, which is helpful when dealing with real estate transactions. Since we purchased the house, Joel has managed rentals for us, which has been invaluable. We highly recommend Joel."
James Trosino (Provincetown)

"Olivier Jamin Changeart reviewed Joel Harms on 1/25/2017: When we started talking to some friends that we had decided to purchase condominium in Provincetown, Joel was recommended as a reliable, competent and enjoyable person to work with.
He didn?t disappoint us at all. From the very beginning, we felt he was asking the right questions in order to discover the rare gem that fitted in our budget. And only after our second round of visits, we put an option on a very atypical house. Throughout the all-buying process, his expertise, his knowledge and his connections helped us tremendously, reassuring us we were doing the right thing. He was very reactive in emails, responding to thousand of questions we had. He provided all the necessary documentations we were asking for to finally assist us with ease until the closing. Joel is now a friend."
Olivier Jamin Changeart (Provincetown)

"Brad and Danny reviewed Joel Harms on 1/24/2017: My husband and I have worked with Joel to buy and sell a total of three homes in PTown over the past few years. He is extremely professional, accessible, very knowledgeable about the market, and has more patience than anyone that I know when it comes to putting together and closing a deal. We would highly recommend working with him if you are looking to buy/sell a home in the area"
Brad and Danny (Provincetown)

"Thomas and Jonathan reviewed Joel Harms on 1/18/2017: I first met Joel in 2011, the year he moved to Provincetown on a full-time basis. He has tremendous knowledge about the town and the house buying process. He led us through this journey with expertise and made sure we were up-to-date with the procedure. If you are in the market for a full-time home, or a vacation home, I highly recommend Joel as your broker. He won't let you down."
Thomas and Jonathan (Provincetown)

"Greg and Jeff reviewed Joel Harms on 1/18/2017: We were acquaintances before Joel helped us purchase a vacation condo in Provincetown, MA. The negotiation surrounding the first potential property was somewhat difficult due to our perceived overpricing of the property. Joel did an outstanding job of helping us with comparisons with properties recently on the market and was excellent in communicating our feelings to the seller's agent. That negotiation did not work out, but Joel quickly informed us of a condominium that was recently put on the market. It was perfect, so we made a quick offer which was accepted. Joel was great through the rest of the process which went off without a hitch. I would recommend him without hesitation."
Jeff and Greg (Provincetown)

"Don Murray reviewed Joel Harms on 1/18/2017: Joel was the listing agent for a property in Ptown we recently purchased in October of 2016. He was so thorough and knowledgeable of the product we quickly hired him to be our buyers agent as well. This was a very complex sale as it was purchased through a self directed IRA. Joel was on top of all the special financing documentation required and provided us all the necessary resources to close quickly and without incident. We have since hired him to be our property manager and will definitely use him to purchase our next Ptown property."
Don Murray (Provincetown)

"Kara Keller reviewed Joel Harms on 11/14/2014: Joel was recommended to us by a close friend. He is a great listener and a man of his word. Joel delivered on every promise. He was punctual, patient, and extremely accommodating with our schedule. This was our fourth home purchase and by far the best realtor experience. Joel goes the extra mile to make sure you are completely at ease during the entire process."
Kara Keller (Provincetown)

"Scott Dean reviewed Joel Harms on 11/9/2014: I have known Joel for many years and he has a very deep knowledge of Real Estate. Living full time in the town and being involved in the community makes him a valuable asset in being a PTown guide. When it's time to upgrade, I will use Joel again."
Scott Dean (Provincetown)

"Mark Levine reviewed Joel Harms on 11/6/2014: I was a first-time buyer but the property I was purchasing was to be used for both enjoyment and investment. Joel was invaluable at sharing the nuances of that type of purchase and tipped me off to my home well before it hit the market. Going beyond the call of duty is the theme that comes to mind when I look back on my first home-buying experience with Joel and I intend to use him when I purchase my next.
Cannot recommend enough!"
Mark Levine (Provincetown)

"Bill and Jim reviewed Joel Harms on May 22, 2018: We were recently in the market for a Provincetown condo and were referred to Joel by a friend. We found the perfect property and since we were from out of state, Joel expertly guided us through the process. He kept us informed at all stages of the process and helped make the transaction completely seamless. We would highly recommend Joel for all real estate needs"
Bill and Jim (Provincetown)

"Kenny and Chris reviewed Joel Harms on May 22, 2018: I highly recommend Joel! One of the most responsive and knowledgeable agent I've had the pleasure to work with. He truly cares about who he represents and have the our best interest in mind. He coaches you through your search, helps you through the close, and stays connected afterwards. He has stayed close as a friend. It's been over a year since we closed our place in Provincetown and we are still in touch on a regular basis. We still go to him for referrals and get his guidance on improvements (... he is also very savvy at home improvements and constructions). I would definitely work with Joel again. I highly recommend!!"
Kenny and Chris (Provincetown)

"Brandon and Alex reviewed Joel Harms on May 22, 2018:
My husband and I have been traveling to Cape Cod for years and made the wonderful decision to finally purchase property in Provincetown. We began the process with one of the local real estate professionals in town, Joel Harms. Joel's local-eye-perspective was a great addition to his services. On top of that, he was always honest, available, and receptive to our needs and desires. If you're looking for a professional helping hand in your home buying venture, I would seriously consider working with Joel during the process."
Brandon and Alex (Provincetown)

"James and Kevin reviewed Joel Harms on June 18, 2018: Over the past several years Joel has guided us through a purchase and sale of property in Provincetown. Both transactions were completed without delay flawlessly. He was very responsive to our needs and guided us through both negotiation processes with ease. His knowledge of Provincetown and Cape Cod in general helped us acclimate to the area quickly. We thank Joel for his service and recommend him for your real-estate needs."
James and Kevin (Provincetown)

"Lisa and Julia reviewed Joel Harms on September 10, 2018: Joel helped us buy our cottage in Provincetown, an insanely difficult housing market for buyers. While the process of home buying was much more difficult than we?d imagined, based on the levels of competitiveness, Joel gave us excellent guidance and his availability. Buying a home in this market is challenging, but working with Joel made it as painless and straightforward as possible. We highly recommend Joel!!"
Lisa and Julia (Provincetown)

"Gino reviewed Joel Harms on February 5, 2019: Joel Harms was my bridge to my new life in Provincetown. He knew before I did that I would buy a place here. When looking for my new home, he was attentive to what I was looking for and made the process easy. He anticipated the nuances of buying a home in such a special unique place. When I was unsure of some details, Joel walked me thru them with patience and attentiveness. He also took time to do the proper market research to make sure we were coming to the table with the right negotiation tactics. He gathered a wonderful team to make all the legalities of buying a new home as pleasurable as possible"
Gino Castano (Provincetown)

"Jeff and Greg reviewed Joel Harms on 3/4/19: Joel is very knowledgeable of the Provincetown market and provided a lot of helpful insights. He was also very patient with us during our search for just the right property. We very much recommend Joel!"
Jeff and Greg (Provincetown)

"Stephen reviewed Joel Harms on 3/5/19: Trusting a stranger for extensive help with a large purchase is a big deal. From the very day I ?cold called? Joel Harms about showing me the property I was interested in purchasing, Joel earned my trust in a natural sort of way. I felt like he was truly interested in helping me for my sake, not his wallet. Joel was extremely good with following-up at every turn, answering questions thoroughly, delivering complicated news or updates in concise and understandable language, and I appreciated his excellent help in negotiating the contract back and forth. And right after my closing, he was kind enough to help me unpack my stuff and even haul the boxes in his own car over to the recycle center. Joel is the agent you want from start to finish.
Stephen (Provincetown)

"Ken and Chris reviewed Joel on 6/19/19: ABOVE AND BEYOND! This is the best way to describe Joel. He made sure our condo was ready for us and really went the extra mile to make sure we had a great experience. Thank you Joel for making our dream come true!"
Ken and Chris (Provincetown)

"Don and Wayne reviewed Joel Harms on 12/3/19: We purchased our first Ptown condo with Joel 3 years ago and have been with him ever since. He not only manages all our rentals but also recently sold one of our condos at 97% of list within 90 days of listing. He knows the market and he?s in Provincetown year round. You do the math!"
Don and Wayne (Provincetown)

"Joel is an outstanding agent. He was referred by a friend and worked with me over a 2.5 year period to purchase a home in Provincetown. Not knowing anything about the local market, he patiently guided me on the entire process. After being outbid on 8 properties, Joel skillfully negotiated to get a property under agreement and brought a challenging deal to closure. He is exceptionally patient yet assertive, and extremely detail oriented. There's no one else you should select for the home buying or selling process in Provincetown - Joel is simply the best"
Christopher Incarnato (Provincetown)

"Joel remembered that my partner and I loved Shore Road and he reached out with the perfect property ... Joel went the extra mile by helping clear a lot of the junk left behind - both for donation and trash. He's great to work with ..."
Mary Wells, Trustee (Fayetteville, NY)

"Joel was key to the success of the sale. Most appreciated was his ability to make me feel unhurried and his willingness to respond to questions in a timely way. For me, who had been looking so long for that perfect affordable property, the skill of your staff made the sale happen."

"See above. Joel did a great job."

"Great service from Joel. He kept us informed throughout the process. Very smooth process."
William Harris (Atlanta, GA)

"From the day I cold called Joel Harms about showing me the property I was interested in purchasing, Joel worked to earn my trust in a natural sort of way. I felt like he was truly interested in helping me for my sake, not his wallet. Joel was extremely good with following-up at every turn, answering questions thoroughly, delivering complicated news or updates in concise and understandable language, and I appreciated his excellent help in negotiating the contract back and forth. And right after my closing, he was kind enough to help me unpack my stuff and even haul the boxes in his own car to the recycle center."
Stephen Zachary Cook (NORFOLK, VA)

"Joel was always such a pleasure to work with. He is very knowledgeable about the market here and I would recommend him without reservation."
J. Jefferson Overby Living Trust (Boynton Beach, FL)

"Joel completely understands the unique real estate market in Provincetown. He is very connected to other agents and markets his listings aggressively."
Bradley Mallow (Atlanta, GA)

"Joel was so responsive and supportive throughout the home buying process. Being new to purchasing in Massachusetts, out of state, he invested extra time to walk us through the process and answer all of our questions. Overall, the experience working with Joel and purchasing our home in Provincetown couldn't have been smoother!"
Clayton D Crepps (Austin, TX)

"Joel is an outstanding agent. He's patient, knowledgeable, tenacious, and has great attention to detail. Incredible experience overall."
Christopher Incarnato (Chicago, IL)

"Joel Harms was extremely well connected and knowledgeable in the town I bought in. This facilitated a smooth hassle-free buying process. Highly recommend him!"
Timothy Weigner (Tampa, FL)