Grace Glynn

Grace Glynn

Sales Associate - Newton Office
1229 Centre Street, Newton, MA 02459

Email: | Cell: 617.721.4933 | Office: 617.964.1850


"I'm an attorney with 15 years experience and when it came time to sell my home and buy a new one I went with Grace. She is a consumate professional, knowledgable and experienced. Most importantly, unlike so many others in the industry, she is honest, trustworthy and puts her clients first. Best decision you can make buying or selling a home is to choose Grace to be your agent."
Doug B (Brookline)

"It was a such a pleasant experience working with Grace in the past 4 months. Grace helped us to find and purchase our new home in the historically competitive 2021 housing market. In less than 2 months after, she also helped us to sell our old home with an over-asking price. We found that Grace was so enthusiastic about her work and demanded only the best of her professionalism and performance for her clients. Grace listened to our requirement about the new home and recommended suitable ones to us usually within hours when they appeared in the market. She was always there to answer our phone calls or text massages. Grace would always arrive 15 minutes earlier at our open house appointment. She would walk the property and talk to the selling agent to get a good grasp of the condition of home before we arrive. Grace impressed us with her deep understanding of the local real estate market and her knowledge and insight into the construction and functions of every home we saw with her. We did learn a lot from her. She never pushed us into making an offer. She actually went through the pros and cons of the properties with us and even persuade us out of placing offers on homes which have potential problems or does not fit our needs. She was extremely patient with us. She has toured more than 10 houses with us and helped us to come up with offer strategies and submit offers for many times until one got accepted. She coordinated communication between parties extremely well and kept things in track. We were pretty worry-free and never missed any deadline under her watch. We were very grateful that both the purchase and sale of our real estate properties went smoothly with the help from Grace."
Lei J (Westwood, MA)

"From my first meeting with Grace Glynn through the final closing I was extremely happy with the service Grace provided, always taking the extra steps, which really set her apart as an excellent Realtor. My 2 bedroom, 2 ? bath condo was in an ideal location in Cambridge near MIT, BU and local shopping. Grace had a strong knowledge of the area, which was evident in the strategy she developed for attracting buyers and the price she set for the condo. I had been in the final stages of getting the property ready to show and Grace even oversaw and monitored the painting, identifying issues in need of correction and stepped in personally to make sure the job was completed correctly. She treated my condo like it was a ?work of art? and she made sure it looked its very best. I felt she really maximized the qualities of my property to ensure I received the best offer. Grace has excellent negotiation skills, she deals with issues that arise calmly and kept me very well informed of all my options and her recommendation. She resolved assessment and title issues that came up last minute to keep my sale moving forward and complete quickly. I was extremely happy with the results and services Grace provided and I would definitely use her as a Realtor again."
John C. (Cambridge, MA)

"I was a first time buyer, and Grace was my agent. She is very professional and has great work ethics. She is also very kind and patient. She gave us a lot of advice during showings and helped us to find the right house. Grace's negotiation skills were so exceptional that we could stand out among 12 competitors and get the ideal house. I had a great time working with her, and I always recommend her to my neighbors, friends and family. If you are looking for a great agent, she is definitely the one."
Cindy Y. (Malden, MA)

"I met Grace Glynn in 2014. At that time Grace was just starting out in her career. I called her and she came by my house the next morning. She was totally prepared with everything , and I was very impressed. She was the first person that I had decided to go with. The house sold quickly and I received a phone call from Grace while on vacation. Grace was so helpful to me helping and guiding me along. Otherwise, I would still be sitting in Cambridge. We got the price that we wanted and I was very happy. Grace is an honest, hard working person. I would recommend her to anyone."
Pat T. (Cambridge, MA)

"Grace sold my home in Charlestown, MA and did a fabulous job, from the planning of sales and pricing strategy to the closing of the property. Right from the first meeting with Grace, there was lots of communication and a well thought out approach to pricing my home and identifying the the most likely buyers. She was detail oriented and put in place a great strategy with just the right price. Along the way she provided plenty of feedback especially about buyers reactions and questions. She was very easy to work with, put in the extra effort to make everything go as smoothly as possible and even when there were bumps in the process they never phased Grace. She always knew just what to do. She was a great negotiator and thought of so many issues I would have never considered. Grace was always looking out for my best interests and I was extremely happy with the outcome. I will definitely use her again."
John M. (Charlestown, MA)

"Grace is very professional and helpful when you need to find a new home. She gave us very informative suggestions and showed us the listings as long as we requested. She took pictures very professionally for the listing when we were selling our old house and we really were impressed on the pictures. Our old house was sold quickly and we were very satisfied with her sincere work. I strongly recommend her.

Tina S. (Belmont, MA)

"When my husband and I decided to sell our 2-family rental property in Cambridge, we felt anxious about the process and inexperienced in the current market. We had not tried to sell a house in almost twenty-one years. The landscape of home sales seemed to have changed dramatically, with technology for instant feedback, buyer-driven internet searches, the use of social media and internet networking eclipsing the traditional methods we were familiar with. We did our own internet research on real estate, realtors and advice about choosing one. This often produced more conflicting opinions than helpful advice. The first year, we signed with an agent, reconsidered and decided against selling; but not in time to stop the initial listing. The following year we resumed our search, identified a few well-regarded realtors and began communicating with an agent from one of them, who seemed very nice and well-informed. He outlined a slick campaign relying on some generic marketing approaches and standard internet exposure, emphasizing the team of experts and assistants who supported him in his work. It sounded good. We discussed it and were leaning toward giving him our business.

Then Grace called. She was proactively following up on would-be sellers whose realtor contracts had recently expired without a sale. She was extremely courteous, but passionate about her work and eager for a chance to meet us and tell us why she could be the best agent to handle our sale. I am not an ?easy sell,? and generally don?t respond well to unsolicited calls. However, Grace?s well-spoken sincerity, fiery spirit, and confidence were not to be denied. I was intrigued, and convinced my husband we should make time one evening after work for one short meeting, to satisfy my hunch about this engaging young woman.

Grace made time for us at our convenience, making an out-of-the-way trip at a late hour seem like no trouble at all for her. When we arrived, she outlined her seller representation strategies, which ranged from all of the standard exposure and support offered by the agency and the internet to her own brand of hands-on-no-holds-barred personal effort. From the beginning, her emphasis was on our satisfaction, convenience, and peace of mind. Though she had fabulous suggestions and fresh ideas, she repeatedly insisted that our wishes would always be the determining factor. One might argue that this is a typical sales pitch--but with Grace, it is her business ethic. She embodied those promises in word and action at every point in our subsequent business relationship, which we decided to begin on the spot. You can?t meet Grace and hear her talk about her plans for you without becoming a fan, and you can?t work with her without falling in love!

Before the first open house, Grace implemented her own advance campaign. From optimizing the home?s buyer appeal to managing tenant apartment showings and offering advice on cleaning and decluttering, her personal touch, energy, tact, and determination were omnipresent. She knocks on doors promoting the Open House. She personally reaches out to relevant businesses and college housing offices and graduate program departments. Grace contacts potential interested parties she knows in the area and overseas as well as every realtor in her network. She has also cultivated an impressive network of professionals who help her stage your home sale: cleaner, painter, photographer, home interior consultant, contractor.

Grace interfaced with our tenants to educate them on her sales plan, engage their cooperation, and offer them assistance in staging their spaces. She worked hard to minimize the impact on the tenants while achieving her house staging goals, offering multiple scheduling options and responding cheerfully to last-minute changes--even when it was inconvenient for her and involved rearranging plans with several other parties. She was readily available to them via text, email, or phone for questions or concerns. She was likewise available to us (usually responding in moments!), and she maintained contact at our chosen frequency. In our case, we wanted to be called daily; however, she certainly has the ability and good judgement to work independently and call only when necessary, if that were a seller?s preference.

Grace does her homework with the local community, insuring that she is aware of any ordinances or codes that might impact your property and affect the sale. She visits the building department if there are zoning or renovation questions. She meets the fire marshall and accompanies him or her at the property on inspection day. She is courteously relentless in checking all details, protecting her seller?s interests, and maximizing the chances for a seamless and swift sale.

Grace sold our house at our asking price, which was competitive with the top market listings in our category, the first week it was on the market. We sailed through the P&S, inspection and closing without a single hiccup, slightly ahead of schedule. This wasn?t random luck; it was the fruit of her expertise, thorough preparation, anticipation of future needs, and close attention to every step of the way.

Grace has our highest and unqualified recommendation. I could not say enough superlative things about Grace to do justice to her professional performance. She is a top-notch realtor and exceptional woman who is smart, charming, and enthusiastically ?all in? when you sign with her, going above and beyond the standard expectation in every area of her business. With her personal integrity, attention to real estate law and ethics, and unfailing grace (pun intended!) under pressure, she disproves the old adage that ?nice guys finish last.? Grace is extraordinarily nice, and my knowledge of her work as well as my own experience reveal that she usually finishes first!"
Meredith B. (Cambridge, MA)

"Grace was our agent for purchasing current lovely home. She is one of the top agents I've met so far. Love working with her! She is always helpful and energetic on what she is doing. It is my pleasure to have her as the real estate agent and as a friend! Highly recommend!

Karen L. (Medford, MA)

"Grace is a great agent and friend. She will provide all the resources you need and give you the good advice about your requirements. She won?t push you to do anything and she always analyzes pro and con about each house you like.
Angie L. (Framingham, MA)

"Grace was an amazing agent. She went above and beyond to make sure that we were aware of the selling process and made the whole process smooth and easy. She was assertive, personable and a successful seller. We got what we were asking for in a timely manner. I highly recommend her for anyone looking to sell or buy"
Brenda M. (Cambridge, MA)

I would need many more than 140 characters to explain how awesome Grace was throughout the entire home purchase process. Great communication during the search, timely on-going communication, and then most importantly through the inspection and closing process. She was a true pro. She is a hard working dedication person and no matter what I needed she was there. There is only one realtor to use--and that is Grace Glenn She pretty much became part of our extended family as a result of our purchase process. I'll never use another realtor and neither should you. Her greatest attribute, "she listens" and then asks thought provoking questions which insures you get what you really want. In our eyes she went above and beyond for us and for that we will always be grateful.
Paul F. (Charlestown, MA)

"Grace was amazing and a steady hand throughout the purchase process. Extraordinarily knowledgeable and always available. A true pleasure to work with."
Jeffrey Kripke (Cohasset, MA)

"Grace came with us and checked every house in the market for several months and helped us a lot to make this purchase happen."
Levon Harutyunyan (,)