Gabby Hanna

Gabby Hanna

Luxury Properties Specialist - Provincetown Office
154 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA 02657

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"If it weren't for Gabby, I likely would have given up on my purchase in Provincetown very early in the process. She was attentive, patient, and honest -- the honesty is what I appreciated most. Gabby is a gem."
Justin Reed (NYC)

"She worked with me as a partner through the difficult 4 months getting the property ready for market. And then, boom, boom, boom, it was on the market and sold after a bidding war in four days. Excellent instincts and knowledgeable about the Provincetown market."
Lucina Fleeson (Washington, DC)

"Gabrielle is an outstanding broker. Extremely knowledgeable on the market, responsive in dealings, fully understood our needs and was a pleasure to work with.
Gabrielle is a true professional and an impressive individual!"
J. Botway (Provincetown, MA)

"Gabby Hanna listed and sold our home. She is one of the most professional and honest people I have ever done business with. From the very beginning everything was presented and explained in very straight forward and easy to understand ways. There were never any gray areas that made us uneasy, and this can be a complicated process. An important impression made upon us was just how available she was. There was never a time that we contacted her, day or evening that she did not respond within five minutes, usually more like five seconds. She is an incredibly hard worker who would drop everything to show the house when requested, sometimes with very little warning. Gabby is extremely smart, level headed, unflappable and works well with other brokers. Negotiations and Closing were seamless. She is the best!"
David Cowan (Truro, MA)

"Gabby was outstanding from start to finish. She was patient with us and succeeded in finding the perfect house for us. She was extremely knowledgeable about the local market and we felt that she was a strong advocate for us throughout the process. We could not imagine a better experience with anyone else."
Christine Walker (Provincetown, MA)

"Gabby was helpful when we were buying a second home on Cape Cod. Her knowledge, warmth and friendliness are especially great when looking at a market one is not living in already."
Joseph Kerr (Georgia)

"Gabby couldn't have been more helpful as we shopped for a vacation home in Provincetown. She is so knowledgeable about the town, she was patient, flexible, and went above and beyond in helping us through this process while not living in the area. I would use Gabby for all my real estate needs in Provincetown."
Michael Colford (Boston, MA)

"Gabby helped my husband and me with the purchase of a home in Truro. It took us a year to find the perfect home and Gabby was patient and a delight to work with the whole way through. She is highly professional and responsive, extremely insightful about the Provincetown and Truro markets, and very knowledgeable about the process. We highly recommend working with Gabby."
Kate Smythe O'Brien (Truro, MA)

"I've had the pleasure of working with Gabby for many years and on numerous negotiations and transactions, and I can confidently say that her professionalism, superior attitude, and sincere good nature have meant the difference between success and failure. I value our relationship and enthusiastically recommend her services."
Ben deRuyter (Provincetown, MA)

"I live in another state than the property for sale. Gabby did a lot of extra footwork for me seeing that I was. 5 1/2 hrs away.
Everything went smoothly from her presentation to market the property to the final closing.
I would definitely recommend Gabby and her firm in the future.
Jim Harrison (New London, NH)

"Gabby Hanna is a knowledgeable and savvy professional. She offers the latest of technology and prompt, personal service, resulting in the best possible outcome.

I am also very grateful to her for helping with a transaction in which I could not be present for a number of steps.

Roxanne Kupfer"
Roxanne Kupfer (Chicago, IL)

"Gabby immediately understood what we were looking for (and NOT looking for) and showed us a bunch of units around Provincetown that day; knowing off the top of her head everything that was available and met our criteria and even a couple that were not quite yet on the market. Ultimately, we purchased the first one we called about, however, and we're so happy.

Throughout the process Gabby was amazing. Always available, sending us a clear calendar of deadlines and expectations. This was our first home purchase in a normal sense, since our primary residence in Boston was purchased years ago through a first-time home buyer program that was completely run by the city of Boston. Anyway, she was so helpful to neophytes like us and texted us several days in advance of every deadline to make sure we were on track. When there was a hiccup with the flood insurance, Gabby leapt into action with her amazing Ptown contacts and our mortgage company to solve the problem and keep us on deadline to close - actually several days earlier than originally planned. After closing, she and her wife even took us out for an amazing dinner to celebrate!

We cannot say enough good things about Gabby and referred Rob's sister to her who recently purchased a home in Truro with Gabby's help, too. When we're ready for our next home, we will DEFINITELY call our new friend Gabby to help us through that process."
Rob Clifford (Boston, MA)

"Gabby was excellent and on top of everything at all times. Not only did she do what I wasn't sure was possible, she went out of her way to carry it through. She was always there when I needed her or even when I had a silly question. I recommended her to a family member without hesitation. I wouldn't consider going to anyone else if I need another realtor."
Rebecca Fusaro (New Jersey)

"I could not ask for better person to represent me. I was very happy to have Gabby in my team. She was very sensetived to all of my consern and allway there wirh and anwer to my question. I will recomend her service without any dout"
Richard Cuencas (Provincetown, MA)

"Gabby recently helped us buy our first home in Provincetown. Gabby's expertise and advice was invaluable. She was very patient and helpful, and maintained great communication throughout the entire process as she made herself available 24/7. We happily recommend Gabby to anyone who is interested in buying/selling in the P-town area!"
Ashley Jacob (Westchester, NY)

"Gabby was always reachable, she knew all the local folks that made inspection and repairs go smoothly. She went out of her way to show up to let folks into the house to accomplish inspections and other tasks. I would highly recommend her."
Scott (Provincetown, MA)

"Gabrielle is an excellent broker whom I would recommend to family and friends. I was a tough client because I'm a broker in a different state, so my expectations were high! Gabby did a wonderful job and provided me with consistently excellent service throughout the process. She is honest, prompt, knowledgeable, motivated, affable, and a skilled negotiator. Highly recommend!"
Christine Barker (Provincetown and NYC)

"Gabby has worked with my mom in the past and really every time goes the extra mile to get us great homes in the area. Everything was just so well handled! I'm a big fan as a neophyte home buyer and so is my mom as a veteran. Gabby is so attentive to everything big and small."
Gabrielle Kupfer (Brooklyn, NY)

"Gabby was fantastic. Responsive, knowledgeable and no nonsense. She went well beyond the call of duty in getting our purchase closed. She has earned our highest recommendation."
Matthew Aiken - buyer (Truro)

"Gabby was knowledgeable, helpful, positive but realistic. Every time I needed something to move the house to sale, she was there. We sold quickly, at a good price, all due to Gabby?s support and professionalism. I would have her represent me again in a heartbeat. She?s also kind and thoughtful, really a delight to work with."
Dr. Tracy Mayne (North Truro)

"We chose Gabby, because she is smart, thoughtful to our family's needs, exceptionally responsive, and gave us space and time with no pressure.
This was a long process for Gabby. After many open houses and learning of our wants and needs, we ended up going with new construction of a single family home in a town with many restrictions. I feel that Gabby, over the course of years and an agency change, had her patience tested on this one! She is amazing.
Gabby was always willing to facilitate any communication or simply offer support over the long course of our purchase. Additionally, she was hands off and non-pushy when we wanted space to work some things out on our own, but when we wanted or needed her, she was instantly available.
Gabby's personality is the perfect combination of laid back and attentive, so essential to maintain our spirits over the buying process. For this reason, we will for certain use her great services for the next step as we sell our current home following our transition to our new home that she brokered the purchase of for us!"
Peter Sadow (Provincetown)

"Gabby is world class, professional and client focused! Buying long distance from Kentucky, several trips to Provincetown to see homes and her countless hours of face timing, research and guidance, landed us the perfect home! We wouldn't have done it without her. Her attention to detail, follow up, timeliness and sincere caring is what sets her apart from other realtors. We are clients for life. Thank you!"
Shane and David (Louisville, KY)

"Gabby had been our agent prior to joining Raveis for the purchase of our new Provincetown home. Having engaged her previously as our buyer's agent, we opted to stick with her as our seller's agent for our condominium once we successfully closed on our home purchase, which was over a 2 year long process with new construction.
Gabby was very organized and a very effective communicator. We really have enjoyed her counsel and friendly demeanor. Fortunately, with effective pricing and a great property, this was an extremely fast cash transaction, and Gabby needed only one open house a couple of relatively quick negotiation emails over a few days, and the deal was done.
Gabby is one of our favorite people in PTown. She has been our agent and friend since she helped us with the purchase process of our new house in PTown, and we loyal customers. She is trustworthy and works very hard to meet her customers' needs to the best of her ability. For us, trustworthiness and responsiveness are the two most prized values for a real estate agent. This is our second home purchase and first sale in PTown, and I think our home sale may have beaten a record for speed in PTown, as I have watched the Provincetown market intensely for several years.
When you are working with a person whom you trust, whom you feel is a friend and advocate, you can never go wrong. This is how we felt with Gabby. We trust her, and we knew she would take care of us, especially in buying a second home in a place that we know well but are non-residents."
Peter Sadow (Boston and Provincetown)

"Gabby has a great reputation for being a RE pro and she
delivered. She was available any time I called or TXT'd, and I
get real early. Smooth easy process and I highly recommend
working with Gabby if you want a stress free experience. In fact, 10 of the days right after the inspection, Gabby was out of town in Europe. It was not a problem, even with the difference in time zones, I didn't even realize she wasn't in Massachusetts. Time is my most valuable asset, and Gabby didn't waste it or leave me hanging, once."
Greg Hanna (Southborough, MA)

"Gabby Hanna helped us many times in the past. This time it was an urgent situation where there was a lot of competition for the property we wanted and time was of the essence. We were able to close on the property in less than a month including getting financing. Gabby was there every step making sure we didn't fall behind and did not forget anything. She was indispensable in making this transaction happen for us.
Thank you Gabby!"
Stan & Eva Sikorski (Provincetown)

"If you want the best knowledge of the area, market trends, etc, and most professional experience go with Gabby. We looked ?softly? for a couple of years and she has been accessible even from 1100 miles away. She is fantastic!"
Karissa Niehoff (Zionsville, IN)

"Gabby is an exemplary agent. She is professional, patient, has a deep knowledge and understanding of our target market, and is very savvy with all aspects of the real estate process and transaction, including all parties involved. We did a few remote open houses which were expertly and thoroughly coordinated on her part which gave us great confidence in the remote buying experience. We look forward to working with Gabby again, should the situation arise, and we'll be recommending her to other home buyers!"
Peter Hahn and Stewart Craig (Boston, MA)

"We were connected to Gabby via a real estate website. She was immediately responsive and quite helpful.
We had just begun our search for a vacation property and did not really know how to start, Gabby was able to find a property that we thought was perfect. After we explored this property a bit more we realized that it would not work out. Gabby was very patient and helpful as we explored other options. Ultimately, we found a piece of land on which we will build our dream house.
Thanks Gabby!"
Andy Franklin (Ashland, MA)

"It was my good fortune to have found Gabby Hanna through an on-line search as I began exploring the possibility of buying a condo in Provincetown. She was instantly responsive, and as we began to work together, she struck a perfect balance between being helpful and being patient. Gabby knows PTown well, having lived in the town for a long time. What separates her from the average realtor is her talent for timely, effective and consistent communication coupled with her commitment to work hard. Every query I sent to Gabby, whether large or small, was addressed promptly. Her responsiveness and evident knowledge of the market created a sense that we were partners in the search, which meant that I came to rely on her insights and judgements. From the initial search to the point of making an offer and then negotiating points that led to a P&S and closing, Gabby was right there every step of the way. She was proactive in making sure that all paperwork was signed and that the closing process was seamless. I could not have asked for a more positive experience!"
Katy Abel (Boston, MA)

"It was wonderful working with Gabby Hanna as I searched for a house. She is a pro. She knows the area and kept me well informed as properties came on the market in my price range and with the features I was seeking. She was prompt in making appointments for showings. She communicated well with me and with the seller and his team. She was very quick to respond to questions and concerns along the way. As a first -time homebuyer I felt like I was in extremely good hands."
Jody Melander (Truro, MA)

"One of the main reasons we hired Raveis was that we wanted to work with Gabby. To her credit, she really took care of everything personally; therefore, we never met anyone else from Raveis. This personal approach was just what we were looking for. We were in good hands and we knew it."
Jim Bennette (Truro, MA)

"Thank you for top-notch service. We wouldn't change a thing."
Blythe Robertson and Mary Perkins (Provincetown, MA)

"I have known Gabby for about 15 years and I'm so pleased that I chose her to list my property in Provincetown. The property has been in my family for over 100 years, and she understood how emotional it was for me. From the very first day, Gabby has been totally committed to making sure every detail was completed in a timely manner. Thank You, Gabby!"

Allan Souza (Brewster, MA)

"Gabby was truly exceptional! We met her a few months ago at an open house and she was knowledgable and kind - we told her we were looking for just the right place and it might take a while. She put us on her email for listings as they came on the market and when we saw our dream home she knew it would go fast so she did a face time walk through with us and gave us the right advice as we negotiated an offer. She was an amazing resource through the entire purchase process which was incredible as we live in a different state - and we never would have made the closing deadline had it not been for her knowledge of the local landscape. If you are looking for an agent, you MUST contact Gabby Hanna!!"
Anthony Geraci (New York, NY)

"Gabby's professional attitude and knowledge of the property and market is second to none. In addition, her punctuality at every meeting was 100%. Gaby was always there before the seller's and buyer's arrived.
I will recommend Gabby to all of my friends who re looking to buy or sell any property in her market. In addition, I have been a MA realtor myself and she is much superior to any others I have worked with.
Shawn Nightingale (Provincetown, MA)

"Would most certainly recommend Gabby Hanna as a capable real estate agent..
One of the best out there...Selling our condo was bittersweet and Gabby eased the process with excellent communication skills and her knowledge of what was needed and what to do during a trying time."
Nowd/Mugnier (Provincetown)

"Gabby is a great agent. She was a no pressure agent to work with and she had patience working with us on and off for nearly 4 years to find the right property for us. She kept us up to date as new properties came on the market that she felt could be a good fit for us."
JB (Provincetown)

"Gabrielle Hanna, was an excellent fit for me that was important. I would use her again and also recommend her to friends and family."
Genelle Bishop (Provincetown, MA)

"Has the talent and personality to introduce buyers in an open friendly and trustworthy manner. Gabby immediately understood our needs and became familiar with our home situation which was very important to us. She was patient and understanding through the entire process, always making us comfortable with any decisions.

Gabby was an excellent communicator, checking in frequently and listening to our concerns. She made our dreams come true! We would highly recommend Gabby!"
Joanne and Marilyn Lober Colucci (Provincetown, MA)

"Gabrielle Hanna was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. She took our needs and requirements into consideration at every turn. I would be happy to recommend Gabby to friends and family"
Jerry Popolis (Provincetown, MA)

"We really enjoyed working with Gabby Hanna. She worked hard to sell our condo with a satisfactory result. I recommend her without reservation."
Ted Filteau (Provincetown, MA)

"Consummate professional every step of the way .. facilitating a smooth process and personal transition for this client .... Many thanks !!"
Richard LaCasse (Provincetown, MA)

"Gabby made the whole thing as easy as possible. Deep market knowledge, adept problem solving, fast on her feet and leaps tall building in a single bound. Can't say enough other than thank you Gabby
Kip and Tony (San Francisco, CA)

"Recommended by a friend. I interviewed 2 other brokers and Gabby stood out as knowledgeable.
Gabby responded immediately to every communication. I would recommend Gabby without reservation."
Larry Collins (Provincetown, MA)

"Gabby really helped me to find the perfect apt, even though i live at the opposite end of the country. I trusted her completely! She was always totally responsive."

Ellen Hines (Provincetown, MA)

"Gabby is the best. I have known her and worked with her on many transactions"
K. Weiss (West Palm Beach, FL)

"Gabby was truly a pleasure to work with always responsive, knowledgeable and effective. I never had any doubt Gabby was handling the transaction. The entire process was completed while I was absentee 1200 miles away.

As this was my first purchase on Cape Cod, it was very easy, and I attribute that to Gabby's experience as a seasoned professional."
Alain Harpin (Mississippi)

"We were looking for a broker who understands the Cape Cod market and Gabby fit the bill. She was very responsive in all our communication and handled the sale very quickly.

Overall we were very happy with sales and service and everything Gabby did for us.

Sarah Oktay (Eastham, MA)

"Gabby is the best kind of real estate professional one can find. She goes above and beyond to find the right property, guide you through the process and help facilitate a smooth closing. We highly recommend her."
Mary E Perkins (Charleston, MA)

"Gabby was knowledgable, responsive, and very easy to work with and went the extra mile for us"
Thomas W Skinner (Provincetown, MA)

"Listing, pricing, and advertising the property. <br />Finding a cash buyer at full asking price within 2 days of listing. <br />Helping us through the hurdles between accepting the offer and closing."
Richard M Fletcher (Provincetown, MA)

"Gabby Hanna is personable, responsive and knowledgeable about the market in Provincetown. I would highly recommend her."
Patricia van Dijkhuizen (Truro, MA)

"Gabby knows the market so well. I like her low-pressure sales approach. I feel like I am in trusted hands."
David A. Burke (Provincetown, MA)

"Dedicated and persistent in understanding our specific needs and patient in helping us achieve our goals."
Evelynn M. Gentemann (Provincetown, MA)