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Luxury Properties Specialist - Naples - Gulf Shore Office
250 Center Street North, Naples, FL 34108

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Every realtor has their own unique approach to real estate. There are no right ways to achieve and maintain balance. And, when it comes to this business, one size definitely does not fit all. However, for many, the line between work and personal life is defined and clear-cut. Then there are those like Chris Lecca. For Chris, who is a REALTOR® with William Raveis Real Estate in Naples, Florida, there doesnt seem to be a line at all. His is a true passion for the profession. Real estate is really just part of my life, and part of who I am, Chris says. If I get a call from someone who wants to go look at a house right away, it doesnt feel like anything out of the ordinary. To me, it feels like a very natural part of what I want to be doing. For me, a day without my clients feels incomplete. Lifelong Love Some find their path in real estate after exploring other directions in life. But it seems like real estate was the only direction Chris had been heading his whole life, even as a boy growing up in Massachusetts. A big part of Chris success story began with his examples at home his mom, Diane, and his dad, Jim. I grew up around real estate, he recalls. My parents owned and maintained over 100 rental properties in and around Massachusetts when I was younger, and they always tried to involve me in what they were doing. My parents always pushed me to do my best, and Ive always believed that mom and dad know best, so I tended to follow their suggestions. I didnt always like to hear what they were saying, but taking their advice always helped me, Chris recalls. Along the way, they gave me options. They would give me their opinion, and then let me choose another path if I wanted. But since I always emulated my parents, following in their footsteps by getting involved in real estate had been a dream of mine ever since I was 12 years old. As Chris got older, the dream took on more energy. When I was 15, my parents retired early and we moved to the Naples area, Chris remembers. When we arrived, I realized all of the possibilities in real estate that existed here. The idea of becoming an agent really caught my eye. I began to look forward to the time when I would turn 18not for the typical reasons of any teenager but so that I could get my real estate license. And thats exactly what he did. As soon as I graduated from high school, I got my license. That was 13 years ago, he smiles. Rewarding Results The rewarding feeling Chris gets continues to build. I really enjoy working with people to buy or sell their homes, and to be the one to work behind the scenes to facilitate a smooth, easy deal for my clients. As a REALTOR®, there are so many things we do behind the scenes that our customers are unaware of. I want to do whatever it takes to help them reach their goals. Chris emphasizes. To get to that goal, you end up spending a lot of time with your clients and building relationships with them. Ive made some lifelong friends along the way and that really makes everything worthwhile. The passion Chris feels for this business and his clients has created impressive results all the way around. In 2018, 2019, and 2021, Chris finished as the number one REALTOR® in his 600-person office based on sales volume. In 2019 and 2020, Chris was recognized as Naples Best REALTOR® by Naples Daily News readers. In the process last year, he completed a staggering 101 transactions, representing just over $100 million in sales volume and he did it as an individual agent. While the numbers are heady, Chris likes to always keep perspective. "For me, success is about being well-rounded in all aspects of life, including business, social life, family life and health," Chris says. "I'm definitely not perfect. There are some weeks where I feel like Im all work and no play, and there are others where it may be the other way around. I just try to do my best to maintain that balance in all areas of life. Signs of Success In his free time, you're likely to find Chris on his boat with his friends enjoying time on the water under the sun. And to demonstrate just how blurred the line is for Chris between his career and the rest of his life, he named his boat, "No Contingent-Seas'. As Chris thinks about his journey and the passion he has for what he does, he has advice for newer agents jumping into the business today. There are many trials and errors in this business, he admits. I think one of the big things new agents can remember is to do what you say youre going to do, and dont be afraid to do more than whats expected from you. Attention to detail matters. In any given deal, 99 percent of what you do can go flawlessly, but if even one percent goes wrong, that might be the only thing that your clients remember and talk about. People remember how you make them feel," Chris emphasizes. "That might mean paying out of your pocket to have a house cleaned, or it may mean dropping off a favorite bottle of wine as a closing gift. I think a big part of success is figuring out those little things that make a difference for your clients." Undoubtedly, Chris clients feel his all-in spirit and his honest, straightforward energy and a tireless drive to serve. As Chris says, Real estate is my life. Its not just a job. Its who I am. That passion for the profession continues to create results day in and day out for those around him.