Catherine Page-Helgoe

Catherine Page-Helgoe

Sales Associate - Longmeadow/East Longmeadow - Main Office
36 Center Square, East Longmeadow, MA 01028

Email: | Cell: 413.949.0303 | Office: 413.565.2111

Certified Homeownership Professional

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"My agent understood my circumstance and was available to me even at last minute. She educated me throughout the process. Very dedicated to her client."
Maritsa Rivera-Diaz (Springfield, MA)

"I received expert home search and neighborhood information from a well qualified and knowledgeable agent. The agent listened to my needs and help match me with several option. My agent also coordinated all contract issues between me and the seller quickly and efficiently in addition to helping me find a lender perfect for me."
Thomas Turgeon (Longmeadow, MA)

"Cathy is absolutely amazing! I cannot ever imagine a home purchase or sale without her. She makes things extremely easy and has an amazing attention to detail. John Nolette"
John Nolette (Springfield, MA)

"Cathy is a sincere and honest person. She makes supreme efforts to get the property sold. She communicates with us at every step. She was wonderful, she was our third agent on the property, and she was the one that got it sold! <br />Dan Onofrio"
Daniel Onofrio (EAST WINDSOR, CT)

"Excellent handling of all aspects of the sale, including open house, showings and resolution of issues. Cathy has helped us with 2 sales and 2 purchases, and they were all smooth transactions. <br />Andy Armitage"
Andrew Armitage (Wilbraham, MA)

"Cathy was an excellent and compassionate agent. I met her 4 years ago and she patiently contacted me annually and waited until I was ready to sell the house. She is knowledgeable, accessible when needed, and an all-around and well-connected agent! I would heartily recommend her to anyone. <br />Gladys Moore"
Gladys Moore (Springfield, MA)

"Cathy was very thorough and knowledgeable. She guided me through every step of the process and advocated for my best interests as the seller. She kept me informed and updated through each step and was always quick to answer any questions that I had. Cathy helped me find necessary resources and was always there to lend her support. Ashley Gagne"
Ashley Gagne (Springfield, MA)

"Catherine Page-Helgoe is always working her hardest to make sure the transactions go through as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We have used her for numerous sales, and she always keeps us informed of any updates by phone and email, and responds very promptly. We feel confidently that with her involvement, we can focus on other important matters at hand, knowing that she is doing her best to look out for our interests and get the deals done. Anthony Della Ripa, Della Ripa Real Estate"
Della Ripa Real Estate (West Springfield, MA)

"We cannot say enough good things about our agent, Cathy. We knew from our first meeting with her that she understood our needs and would have our best interest at the forefront. Thank you, Cathy, for helping us find our first home! Daniel Perez"
Daniel Perez (Springfield, MA)

"Cathy was very attentive and helped me through the process. She always got back to me quickly. Victoria Allatt"
Victoria Allatt (Springfield, MA)

"Very professional and good negotiating skills, Stella Morgan"
Stella Morgan (Springfield, MA)

"quick response to questions, <br />understandable explanation of all requirements to sell, and documentation needed, <br />Our agent maintained a friendly, professional manner. Robert Palmer"
Robert Palmer (Springfield, MA)

"Cathy made it very easy to sell my unit. We agreed immediately on a pricing strategy, and after that, everything went forward quickly. Cathy took care of many details that would have been difficult for me to handle as an out-of-state seller. She was consistently responsive to my emails and calls."

"Cathy is diligent, practical & understanding. She listens well, extends compassion to your circumstances, and always stays on focus - selling your home. She is knowledgeable and offers practical advice & good ideas."

"The services we received were beyond what we expected. We were cared for immensely by Cathy, treated with respect, and given every single detail every step of the way. Our process was an extremely smooth and easy one and I know that has everything to do with Cathy!"

"I really enjoyed how Cathy was very convenient and flexible. She was there every step of the way and really work hard with me to get the property that I wanted, no matter how long it took. I really appreciated that."

"Cathy was professional, quick to meet our needs & very personable. Unlike other agents we met she was not only supportive but honest & trustworthy."

"We'd moved out of state and Cathy personally attended to no small number of issues without question (meeting fire inspector, opening for contractors etc.). Without that level of support this would have been a much more difficult and costly process to complete."

"Cathy is a phenomenal agent. We have used he in the past and would use her again! Even with all the hiccups in our sale, Cathy kept the ball rolling, and found us a great buyer."


"The services we received were excellent. Catherine Page-Helgoe was knowledgeable, professional, efficient and patient. She made daunting long distance buying process manageable. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone in the market for a home. Seth"

"It was a great pleasure working with my agent Cathy page-helgoe for the second time around. She is so kind and straight forward with her clients and makes sure the clients are satisfied and the job gets done right. I'm looking forward into working with her hopefully again in the near time future. Once again thank you Cathy."
Luis Diaz (Springfield, MA)

"Cathy held my hand through the whole process of home buying. She was always available and answered all my questions and concerns."
Linda S. Audet (North Myrtle Beach, SC)