Bill Jones

Bill Jones

Senior Strategic Growth & Sales Manager - West Hartford Office
125 LaSalle Road, West Hartford, CT 06107

Email: | Cell: 860.490.2129 | Office: 860.521.4311

Certified Homeownership Professional


"I had a wonderful experience working with Bill. He was informative, always available, and really targeted what I was looking for. It was clear to me that his top priority was finding me the perfect fit. I couldn't have asked for a better experience and I am so happy with my current apartment thanks to Bill!"
Christine Kelly (Farmington, CT.)

"Bill Jones is an outstanding Manager - he is always available, professional, and most importantly, creates a very collegial atmosphere in the office."
Liz Teare (WIlliam Raveis - West Hartford)

"Bill Jones is a fantastic Sales Manager for the West Hartford office. He is always available, always helpful, always level-headed,and very likeable. We have an excellent team of independent agents and Bill is a good fit for the group. He enables us to do what we do best."
Bonnie Collins (William Raveis - West Hartford)

"Bill Jones is the best sales managers I have ever experienced in my 30 years as a sales professional. I have a diverse background in sales from telecommunications to financial services and for the past 18 years as a real estate sales agent. Bill's leadership skills are outstanding and will go to bat for team members so that they are on the right path for success. His people skills are bar none and his knowledge of the selling process is invaluable. Bill has an open door policy so the communication flow is never at a loss. Simply put - Bill is a strong leader and will never let his team down. He backs the team up 110%."
Meg Goodrich (William Raveis - West Hartford)

Bill Jones will have your back. 110%. As a Realtor that's likely the most important thing you need to know about your manager. We work hard and despite best efforts the unexpected can happen. When it does, it's important to know your manager is someone you can count on. Bill is quick to understand the issue at hand and is a talented, fair, and tenacious problem-solver.

He's also a great "people-reader". Genuine comradery among Realtors who compete in a tight market is not something that just happens. Bill has carefully cultivated the comradery in our office with an understanding that the best results are obtained by conducting oneself with high expectations and mutual respect between people. He works hard to hire agents that will mesh well with the pleasant nature of our office and add to our talented pool of real estate professionals. Bill's leadership is one of the best things about our company and adds to our success every day.
Lisa Sadinsky (Broder Group-West Hartford)

"Bill is an approachable manager who walks the walk having an abundance of sales experience. He is a guy who listens and gives good honest advice, its refreshing!
Eileen Brewer-Akin (William Raveis - West Hartford)

"Searching for a house, buying a house and moving to CT from out of state was challenging to say the least, but our agent Bill Jones was tireless in getting us exactly what we were looking for. From previewing homes to explaining what to expect in the home buying process, Bill was excellent. He was our onsite advocate when we couldn't be in CT."
Lane/Laura Johnson

"Bill Jones was knowledgeable and friendly and courteous"
Joseph Janice (GOSHEN, CT)