Alina Rodescu-Pitchon

Alina Rodescu-Pitchon

Sales Associate - Westport Office
47 Riverside Avenue, Westport, CT 06880

Email: | Cell: 203.247.4883 | Office: 203.227.4343

Certified Homeownership Professional


Alina is extremely professional, well-prepared, highly responsive, knowledgeable of architecture/ structural integrity, forthcoming with her opinions, and extremely customer focused.

Here is a summary of our home purchase timeline to illustrate the above comments:

- We "hired" Alina on June 30.
- July 1 - sent her our home selection criteria.
- Between July 1 and July 9 - Alina previewed approximately 40 homes and determined a short-list of 14 homes which met criteria.
- July 9/10 - Simon and Alina toured all homes on short list.
- July 12 /13 - Submitted purchase binder and 3 month lease offer.
- July 18 - Offer accepted and sale and lease agreed.
- July 20 - Lease began.
- July 25 - Moving truck arrived and our household possessions moved into our new home.... And Alina drops off dinner for us!
- August - Alina has continued to provide so much support in all aspects of our move / settling in, including helping us sort out our mail, getting kids registered for school, recommending doctors, etc.

We have loved working with her and would highly recommend her.

Anne McGarvey (Westport, CT)

" Working with Alina has been a delight. I have found her to be professional, reliable, courteous and fair.Her sense of aesthetics paired with her extensive training have provided me with an ideal professional to work with."
-Philip Raymond, Darien, CT

I have had the pleasure of knowing Alina Rodescu-Pitchon for over twenty years. Besides being a consummate professional with exemplary credentials in architecture, interior design and real estate, Alina is a person of deep integrity of character. Her innate sensitivity and intuitiveness allows her to stand out above the ordinary so that she brings the best of herself to any position she undertakes.

"Alina works well with people. She is smart, savvy and thinks creatively. All of this is blended with her unique style, multi-lingual abilities and diverse cultural background. Her contributions to the professional arena are lasting and impressive.

Alina puts her heart and soul into every project she undertakes, providing a sense of trust and ease to those with whom she is connected. Her leadership skills so humbly presented, are just another example of Alina’s illustrious résumé.

Not only does Alina “know her stuff” but her networking skills combined with her tireless focus to detail, make her stand out as an example of dignity and grace, which is what Today’s Woman is all about. During a time when the world is in such disarray, it is refreshing to have Alina step in and make it a better place."

Judith Marks-White
Westport, CT

"Alina is gifted in myriad ways and can evaluate people quickly to show the perfect home, at the right price with an understanding of the architecture; few agents have this advantage. Alina is highly intuitive and communicates with great compassion and can explain the most technical details in laymans terms.
The client feels comfortable with every aspect of their most important purchase. Alina is the whole package; real estate agent, architect and woman extraordinaire.


" Alina, you are my lucky star. I never thought I would find someone who wanted to help so much. Thank you for helping me find the perfect apartment for me." -Wilson Contreras, Norwalk, CT

"Alina is attentive, responsive, and always taking care of her clients. My husband and myself have absolutely enjoyed working with her through our entire house hunting prosess. We really appreciate her hard work!"
Hyojin Norah Lee (Westport, CT)