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52 Lyons Plains Road, Westport (Coleytown), CT
52 Lyons Plains Road, Westport (Coleytown), CT
32 Surf Road, Westport (Saugatuck Shore), CT
32 Surf Road, Westport (Saugatuck Shore), CT
52 Charcoal Hill Road, Westport (Coleytown), CT
52 Charcoal Hill Road, Westport (Coleytown), CT

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Julie is incredible! She is extremely knowledgeable about Greenwich and the surrounding areas. She represented my sale and we could not have accomplished it without her! Highly recommended!

Julie Hill

Greenwich, CT

Michelle was extremely helpful and very patient. We changed our mind about what property we were interested in more than once. She helped us through the buying process and was on our side the whole way.

Michelle Sproviero

Naples / Fifth Avenue, FL

Lisa is knowledgeable and experienced with keen insight into the buying and selling process. She did a great job for us balancing the practical and the emotional as we worked through everything. We recommend her highly.

Lisa D'Amato

Chatham, MA

Hope was fantastic, she worked with us, guiding us constantly through showings and feedback. She was enthusiastic about our home, was always available and was able to negotiate a selling price just over asking price.

Hope Mazzola

Katonah, NY

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