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The scenic and historical town of Concord, once known as Musketaquid, is located in Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Since its founding in 1635, Concord has been an integral part of American history and an abundant source of our nation's rich cultural heritage. Concord was the home of some our nation's greatest minds, such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Bronson Alcott, and Louisa May Alcott. Today's Concord continues to foster culture and artistry, being home to an orchestra, theater companies, arts centers, museums, historical sites, and numerous other cultural landmarks. Numerous walking tours of Concord are available that showcase the town's rich and vibrant history.
Though Concord is a part of the Greater Boston area, it maintains the beautiful rustic charm that one can only find in a small town and carries a population fewer than 18,000 residents. Concord combines the conveniences one would expect from living in a metropolitan area with the quiet tranquility of small-town living. Massachusetts is Residents of Concord can also enjoy a number of outdoor activities, such as canoeing or kayaking the rivers in Concord, hiking the trails of Concord's wildlife conservations and National parks, or swimming in Walden Pond. Not only is Concord in very close proximity to a number of thriving industries, it is located on the Massachusetts Commuter Rail, so transportation is easy and convenient. The homes for sale in Concord, MA are typically New England-style homes. While most of the Concord real estate market is composted of Concord single family homes for sale, there are also a few Concord condominiums for sale as well as Concord homes and apartments for rent.

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